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Hvis du er interesseret at deltage i gruppens arbejde, så contact os på it at kbhff.dk

If you are interested in participating in the work of the group, contact us at it at kbhff.dk

IT Working group tasks and job/skills descriptions

Last updated: 20th April 2020

Ongoing tasks:

  • Checking the IT inbox regularly and dealing with emails:
  • Troubleshooting problems with access to the member system: sometimes requiring accessing the member database.
  • Troubleshooting other IT-related problems (access to google drive, finding links, getting access to email inboxes, etc.)
  • Answering general queries about IT development status or possible future development
  • Liaising with Torsten about updates to the existing member system
  • Providing an update in Danish to the rest of KBHFF on activities in the working group - at the annual general assembly and at bi-monthly coordination meetings; when relevant, also at monthly board meetings.
  • Keeping any wiki or website pages about the IT group updated with relevant information e.g. about meetings, minutes, tasks and membership of the group and contact information for the group
  • Writing news items and mass emails to communicate with all members when there is big news to share (ideally in Danish and English though the communication group can also help with translation).
  • Keeping documentation on how to use IT at KBHFF updated
  • Maintaining the email addresses and mailing lists of KBHFF via admin@ - deleting old ones not in use, creating new ones when necessary, updating mailing lists. This task can also be shared with the communication group
  • Liaising with developers on updating sites already developed - i.e. the website.
  • Sharing tasks with the communication group, so the communication group takes care of text/content-related updates
  • Ensuring KBHFF members are given access and information on how to edit the website - and coming member system
  • In the coming member system: updating “higher-level” user group membership
  • Keeping an eye on spend on IT and reducing it where necessary: e.g. hosting/domain names for unused websites
  • Using data queries (SQL) to access and download sales data for quarterly and annual accounts

Development tasks:

Acting as project management / steering committee for development projects

Job/Skills descriptions

“Non-technical” members:

  • Ideally both Danish and English speaking - at least one member of the IT group needs to speak/write Danish
  • Basic familiarity with or ability to learn how to work with google applications (maps, drive, emails and mailing lists)
  • Familiarity with or ability to learn how to update websites using different editors (without writing code)
  • Familiarity with or ability to learn how to do simple searches in databases
  • Familiarity with or ability to learn how to use different project management and communication platforms (e.g. Trello, Slack)

“Technical” members:

  • Basic familiarity with web development and internet infrastructure: ability to find and understand documentation when not familiar with specific things already
  • Ideally, this means:
  • Understanding roughly how internet infrastructure works (things like servers, DNS lookup, caching, cookies, HTTP requests)
  • Knowing how to find the developer tools in your browser and using them to debug problems (e.g. reading and understanding error messages from the Google API, identifying why things aren't displaying correctly on the website).
  • Comfortable writing HTML/CSS
  • Comfortable with git
  • Backing up and restoring MySQL databases / basic knowledge of SQL
  • SSH'ing into servers
  • Configuring Apache (and debugging bad configurations...)
  • Configuring DNS
  • Knowing a programming language (ideally PHP)